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MgA. Martin Glaser

Martin Glaser graduated from Direction-Dramaturgy studies at DAMU, during which he started a generational theatre group “Na Prahu Theatre” and joined the South Bohemian Theatre. In 1998 he became the theatre’s head director and later Artistic Director of its drama ensemble.


In his productionsGlaser most often explores themes of power and manipulation: he directed Václav Havel’s “Leaving”, Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Measure for Measure, Hampton’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Maupassant’s  Bel–ami, Schwab’s Die Präsidentinnen, and other plays. He likes portraying stories of outsiders and loners, as could be seen in his productions of Martin McDonagh’s Lonesome West or for example Three Sisters by Chekhov.


He has a special spot for grotesque, thriller and criminal plays. His productions in this genre include Killer Joe by Letts, Mousetrap by Agatha Christie, award-winning Die Arabische Nacht by Schimmelpfennig and “Očištění“ by Zelenka, which was awarded best Czech play in the Alfréd Radok  Awards.


He has collaborated with dramaturge Olga Šubrtová in writing comedies for the famous revolving stage in ČeskýKrumlov (The Three Musketeers, Decameron and others).


In 2013 Glaser became Managing Director of Brno National Theatre, which also makes him the director of two international festivals organised by this institution – the opera festival Janáček Brno and the drama festival “Divadelní svět Brno”. Glaser still directs plays at Brno National Theatre such as the opera “Její pastorkyňa” by Janáček or “Petrolejové lampy” by Havlíček.

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