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Theatre plays an irreplaceable role in the Czech cultural sphere. During uncertain times of war, disease and crisis, theatre, in its unceasing existence, has always offered hope to our ancestors. Even during our country’s occupation after 1968 theatre became an island of freedom. And it was precisely the Czech theatres with their boldstrike who fuelled the fundamental change in our country in 1989.

The network of Czech theatres has developed for centuries directly in response to significant events in our history. Its extraordinary interconnectedness allows all theatres to complement each other in various spheres of activity, draw inspiration from one another, and leverage these collaborations to further cultivate the Czech living heritage.

Any town’s theatre becomes its natural centre for cultural life. All that is needed is to come and see!

The Association exists to facilitate collaborations and mutual help. It strives to promote common interests. It brings together employers in the sector of public professional theatres.

Objectives are fulfilled especially by:

  • adiscourse between theatres’ statutory representatives and the sharing of information about individual theatres’ activities,

  • exchanges of experience from negotiations between theatres and public authorities,

  • proposing common strategies for theatres’ statutory representatives in negotiating with state administration and regional governing bodies, especially in cases where these are necessary for the continuing existence of theatres,

  • proposing common strategies for theatres’ statutory representatives in internal affairs of individual theatres.

The Association works in collaboration with other organisations and bodies that have the power to influence activities of theatres. These are in particular: Ministry of Culture, Parliament of the Czech Republic, trade unions, regional governing bodies, the theatre community, Association of Actors, Association of Scenographers, Ministry of Education, other legal and natural persons, local authorities and Employers' Associations.

Calendar of activities


Asociace je řešitelem grantu z Fondů EHP: "Etablování stávající struktury Asociace profesionálních divadel ČR v kontextu proměny sektoru živého umění v důsledku pandemie koronaviru". Děkujeme za podporu.

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