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Theatre and events open without vaccination certificates

As of February 10, 2022, theater goers and other fans of culture are no longer required

to provide a vaccinationcertificate or previous infection certificate upon entry

to theatre and other events. This new government measure replaces the previous one,

which was in effect since November 22.

Hence, starting from Wednesday February 10, theatregoers simply need to enter the auditorium with a valid ticket for the given performance.

“The government’s decision to forego the necessity to check COVID passes before performances is certainly welcome. Even just logistically, it is a great relief for us, to say nothing of the financial strains. It was these certificate mandates that forbid many audience members from going to performances, which has had an inevitable effect on ticket sales. We hope to welcome back all those theatre lovers who were barred from theatres due to theserestrictions. We are looking forward to seeing you back in the auditorium,” says David Gerneš, the head of Moravské divadlo.  


Starting on November 22, theatres were open only for those who were able to provide a valid certificate of vaccination or a laboratory certificate of a previous COVID-19 infection, providing the person had ended their mandatory isolation period and no more than 180 days had passed since the initial infection. This new measure opens theatre doors to the unvaccinated. However, other measures are still in effect, most notably the mandate to enter all theatre spaces with a mask on, specifically FFP2 masks or KN95 masks without expiratory valves. There is an excuse from this mandate when consuming food and beverages, however, only outside the auditorium.

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