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Nominations for The Theatre Critics’ Awards

have been announced

The organizers of The Theatre Critics’ Awards have announced their nominations for

the best theatrical productions of the past year.

The nominees for the Best Production of 2021 are:

Benjamin Britten’s opera Peter Grimes, directed by David Radokon the stage of National Theatre Brno, Maxim Gorkij’s Vassa Zheleznovaas directed by Jan Frič at the National Theatre in Prague, and finally,Manželská historie, performed by the JEDL company under the direction Jan Nebeský.

The Theatre of the Year title will be held either by JEDL, Prague City Theatres or the Opera of the National Theatre Brno.

Perhaps due to extraordinarily tight voting results, the organizers have decided to nominate no less than five plays for the Best Premiering Original Czech Play Award. The winner could be Špinarka,Vlasta Burian or Encyklopedie akčního filmu (Divadlo pod Palmovkou), all three authored by Tomáš Dianiška. The other nominees with a chance to win are the cabaret Emil čili O Háchovi (Divadlo D21) penned by Tomáš Jarkovský and Jakub Vašíček, or Les sebevrahů (Divadlo Letí) by Kasha Jandáčková.

Seventy-three correspondents have participated in this year’s survey, which is, as tradition has it, organized by the journal Svět a divadlo (World and Theatre). The winners of the awards will be announced on March 13 at the Studio of Švanda Theatre in Prague. 

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