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MgA. Petr Michálek


Petr Michálek (* 27 April 1977, Hradec Králové) is a General Director of Zlín City Theatre, in office since 2010. He is a dramaturgue, actor, and translator. Starting in 2020 he is also member of the Guarantee Board of the National Theatre.


He studied Dramaturgy at Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno (1995 – 2000), under Prof. BořivojSrba. In 1994 he briefly acted in the Drama Studio in Ústí nad Labem. In 1995 – 1997 he wrote for the academic journalsHalte-hulda and Vlnolam. In 1998 he organised “Literární salón” 98. He then joined the Zlín City Theatre as a dramaturgue in 1999 and shortly after became an actor and dramaturgue at Brno’s Polárka Theatre. He was a dramaturge at Karlovy Vary City Theatre between 2001 and 2004.


He was Director of Děčín City Theatre from 2004 to 2010. In 2005 he directed his own translation of ViliamKlimáček’s “Rozkvetly sekery” at the theatre; in 2006 Prague’s Na Fidlovačce Theatre produced his translation of Alan Ayckbourn’s Comic Potential. He became Director of Zlín City Theatre in 2010. In 2013 he received a Czech Radio Vltava award for his play “Domeček”.At Zlín he directed Blackbird by David Harrower, which premiered in 2017, “Upokojenkyně “ by Kazimír Lupinec (2018) and “Dobrý proti severáku” by Daniel Glattauer and Ulrike Zemme (2018).

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